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  • Do you have a brochure?
    Yes, we do. See it here: Brochure, or in the footer, PDF link.
  • What does 'Vedic' mean?
    We are adding the word ‘Vedic’ to organic because ‘Veda’ means ‘knowledge’—Total Knowledge—so adding ‘Vedic’ means applying the organizing power of Total Knowledge to the field of agriculture. 1. ‘Vedic Organic’ means organic agriculture enriched by the nourishing influence of Veda—the nourishing influence of Natural Law—as available in the melodies of the Vedic Sounds, the melodies of the Vedic Literature. 2. Natural Law is the intelligence of Nature constituting all the Laws of Nature responsible for creation and evolution—the cycles of life and creation. 3. The creative impulses of the Laws of Nature—Vedic Vibrations—are the vibrations that carry the nourishing influence of the evolutionary quality of the Laws of Nature fundamental to the growth of the plant and the nutrients within it. 4. There are forty fundamental structures of sound—forty values of Vedic Sound—that constitute every aspect of the structural and functional aspects of the plant—the plant’s physiology and the intelligence that creates it and functions through it. These forty values of intelligence are the Laws of Nature that are lively in their concentrated form in the seed of the plant. As the seed sprouts, these forty values of Creative Intelligence together promote the evolution of every fibre of the plant for all its material values. These forty values constitute the essence of intelligence, the information that is carried in the finest fibre of the plant as it expresses its material value emerging from the abstract, unmanifest intelligence of the sap—evolving from its unmanifest value to its manifest value. 'Promoting the full blossoming of the plant at each stage of its evolution' 5. These forty values of pure intelligence, of Veda, will be enlivened for their fully blossomed potential when these melodies are sung in the fields. The healing and nourishing influence of Vedic Sound* is well documented by scientific research, not only in humana life, but also in the animal and plant b kingdoms. 6. When the natural sounds of Nature, the sounds of Natural Law, the sounds of the Veda, are sung, they resonate with the structured sound in Nature, enlivening and revitalizing life from its source and influencing every level of evolution—individual to Cosmic. 7. The Vedic Melodies (Vedic Recitations) are so organized that at each stage of the growth of the plant there are suitable melodies to bring about the full blossoming of that stage of development, so that at each stage the plant develops in the fullness of its structure and function—for its full nutritional and life-supporting values. 8. The ‘Vedic’ element added to organic agriculture is a phenomenon of intelligence—a phenomenon of consciousness—a phenomenon of the Creative Intelligence of Nature directly applied to support different stages of evolution of the plant and the nutrients within it. 9. When the difference between conventional agriculture and organic agriculture has been realized, then as a second stage of adding a more nourishing value, the ‘Vedic’ value is being added to bring the advantage of the total nourishing value and total nourishing power to the food that we eat. Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture therefore offers the most nourishing quality of food. * See FAQ / question herewith 'What is the effect of Sound?"
  • What is a "Practical Purposeful Programme"?"
    • Knowledge of total Natural Law will be offered to all the farmers, preferably in their own Mother Tongue. • The farmer’s daily working schedule will be from between four to six hours. • Farmers will be provided with modern farming implements wherever traditional ploughing systems are no longer available. • The whole farming community will have enough leisure time, morning and evening, for meditation and religious and spiritual practices, and to enjoy their cultural music and celebrations on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, so that everyone’s life is always in the waves of happiness. • Mother at home: mothers will nourish their children at home and will not be required to expose themselves to the hardships of farming, because when mother has no time to nourish the children, every generation becomes weaker and weaker. This is the gift of ‘VEDIC’ to the field of ‘organic’.
  • About 'Maharishi Vedic Agriculture University'.
    Knowledge and Technology of Natural Law Maharishi Vedic Agriculture University, established in cooperation with Maharishi University of Management, is including in its curriculum the knowledge and application of the most basic levels of Natural Law in the field of agriculture. By taking recourse to the most fundamental level of Natural Law—the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature—the soil, seed, the weather, and the farmer will receive the full support of Natural Law, bringing fulfilment to the purpose of agriculture. Vedic Organic Agriculture, as available at Maharishi Vedic Agriculture University, employs the skilled hand of Nature—total Natural Law—to quietly organize the infinitely complex network of factors influencing agricultural production. Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture allows the full creative potential of Natural Law to be expressed on every level of agriculture. All the Laws of Nature rise to support the soil, the seed, the weather, and the farmer so that seasons come on time and crops are abundant. National self-sufficiency will be the harvest of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture through the knowledge and technology available at Maharishi Vedic Agriculture University.
  • Who we are.
    Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is dedicated to promoting farming in developing countries that produces healthy, nourishing fruit and vegetables of the highest quality. Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is starting to farm on virgin soils in order to make pure, unadulterated organic foods widely available in abundance, and also to raise the quality of life of local farmers through farming that is export-oriented. We are now starting to grow our first tropical fruit crops.
  • What are "Our winning points"? "
    • Cultivation of unused agricultural land in developing countries to grow nutritious, top-quality organic crops for export and for domestic markets. • Highest standard of purity and quality control. • A specialty—sun-ripened fruit picked from the tree ensuring the full nourishing value of the crops. • Produce air-freighted to ensure maximum freshness. • Local farmers and workers earn a fair wage. • Our Vedic organic agriculture projects aim to eliminate poverty in the world. • Crops are certified by internationally recognized organic certification agencies in each country with our added ‘Vedic Organic’ seal representing the highest standard of purity and greatest nourishing power. We welcome any company that would like to invest in our projects in order to secure the regular supply of their chosen varieties of fruit and vegetables.
  • What are "Our crops"? "
    Crops: Melons, Banana, Pineapple, Papaya, assorted Vegetables, Beans, Nuts, Grains and Seeds, Medicinal Herbs, Ginger, Aromatic Plants and Flowers for Essential Oils, Aloe Vera, and very pure Tropical Flower Honeys. See our brochure for pictures of Sunflower and Melon crops, Melon varieties Neem crop Coconut Palms Bean crop Passion Fruit crop Pumpkin crop Pinapple cro, Sweet Pepper crop Papaya and Sesame crop Banana crop
  • Who is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi?
    Maharishi introduced Transcendental Meditation to the world fifty years ago and brought enlightenment to millions of people, and having cele-brated the Golden Jubilee of his worldwide movement, July 2005, is offering to the world freedom from problems, perfect health, and invincibility to every nation by creating groups of Yogic Flyers to create coherence in collective consciousness and through the construction of healthy fortune-creating homes, offices, cities, according to Vedic Architecture. Maharishi is now establishing Vedic Universities, Colleges, and Schools to make Total Knowledge available to every student through the technology of utilizing the total knowledge of Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe, the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, the light of God—in every thought, speech, and action of everyone.
  • What is the effect of 'sound'?
    The healing and nourishing influence of Vedic Sound is well documented by scientific research, not only in human life, but a also in the animal and plant kingdoms. 1. Effect of different sounds on growth of human cancer cell lines in vitro: Alternative Therapies in Clinical Practice 3(4) (1996): 25–32. This research compared the nourishing and healing effect of Vedic Sound, Såma Veda, with the life-damaging effect of rock music. Vedic Sound healed the cancer, whereas rock music increased its destructive nature. 2. The extreme sensitivity, receptivity, and intuitiveness of the plant kingdom may not be known and appreciated by many. Much is known, much is documented; but there are still many secrets of Nature’s functioning available only to the enlightened of every generation. The Vedic Literature unfolds the mechanics, and some modern scientific documentation and research is also available. (Refer to the Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture—Healthy Food for Happy Life gilded pocketbook, an MVU Press publication.)
  • What is the 'Knowledge and Technology of Natural Law"?"
    Knowledge and Technology of Natural Law ª Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture for good health; Web:; ª Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation for higher consciousness; Web: ª Maharishi Yagya to avert the danger that has not yet come, and to secure a more fortunate future: Web:; E-mail: ª Maharishi Sthåpatya Veda to bring the nourishing support of Natural Law to every aspect of daily life through healthy homes and buildings oriented to gain maximum advantage from the life-giving sun, planets, and stars. Web:; E-mail:
  • What are 'Maharishi Vedic Farms'?
    Maharishi Vedic Farms All these ‘Lands of World Peace’—patches of land with maximum fertility, lively nourishing power—will together form the nucleus of Maharishi’s Globa Maharishi Vedic Farms around the world are now producing tropical fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, oils, spices and medicinal herbs, grains and pulses. Order Now We can grow your chosen varieties. See contact information
  • What are 'Maharishi Lands of World Peace'?
    Maharishi Vedic Farms are being developed as a global programme to eliminate poverty. Maharishi Vedic Farms are the ‘Lands of World Peace’, because Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is a programme based on life energy, life-force, and the intelligence of life which naturally, silently, in the most peaceful way, administers the evolutionary process of life in the plant kingdom. All these ‘Lands of World Peace’—patches of land with maximum fertility, lively nourishing power—will together form the nucleus of Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace.
  • What are 'Maharishi's Countries of World Peace'?
    These are countries growing in world peace through the use of technologies of consciousenss as described below. Effects of the Invincible Defense Technology to Create World Peace Dr. John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist and executive director of the International Center for Invincible Defense states that a group of a few hundred to a few thousand coherence-creating experts in the nation (the number of experts depends upon the size of the population) practicing the Invincible Defense Technology, which includes the Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, will immediately: • Defuse enmity in a potential adversary, thus preventing the birth of an enemy and the onset of war • Create integrated national consciousness, strengthening the nation against any potentially disruptive influences from outside or within • Create a peaceful and cooperative global environment, conducive to the formation of stable governments and the cessation of hostilities in regional hot spots The invincibility of the nation and the peace of the world hang in the balance. “When a proven technology exists that can immediately prevent conflict, ensure national security, promote permanent world peace, we must not wait even a single day to implement it. The invincibility of the nation and the peace of the world hang in the balance,” Dr. Hagelin said. Read More:
  • What are 'Our Wish-Yielding Cows'?
    These are cows specially fed, cared-for and nourished according to Vedic principals.
  • What is 'Maharishi Honey'?
    To learn all about Maharishi Honey, visit our website:
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